• Firstfloor-restaurant

    Not a expensive prestige address. It's the place where the heart of St. Gallen beats.

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  • Nap taker or late riser

    What ever you prefer. Our comfortable box-spring-beds are for everybody.

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Welcome to Metropolis!

Things what you will love are my charmend, beautiful and sexy details.  I look at clichés with sleaziness and Karin Thurnheer is looking for me, together with brilliant peoples. I hope you feel well at my place. I'm receptive to everything, permissive and relaxed. My Mantra: live and let live.

Together we are a dreamteam. 


Location: excellent 

Look around - bus, train and business locations as fas as your eye can reach.  And you are right in the middle of it. 5 minutes for a walk to the old town and 5 minutes to drive into the countryside. The citybus - free of charge - is waiting for you in front of the door. You are in St. Gallen - you can do what you want!

Hotel Metropol Bahnhofplatz 3 9001 St.Gallen Schweiz