Why we are the way we are

About the Metropol building

Early days

During the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the city of St. Gallen became as one of the most important cities for precious textiles. But also today! In the «City of Gallus» (Gallus was an Irish monk who settled down here) luxurious laces, embroidery and elaborate textiles are still produced and promoted. These draperies are sent to all the world. The railway station of St.Gallen was the most important reloading point because there is no connection to the sea.

The station square of St. Gallen is an almost congruent copy of an esteemed archetype: The architect Camillo Sitters was shaping the historic «Piazza Erbe» from Verona in the middle of St.Gallen. In 1907, the romantic station was built with the charm of Viennese Art Nouveau and decorating elements of the Belle Époque. Close to the railway station there was a simple and functional hostel called «Bahnhof» – a good place for textile traders, but just until 1946.


After World War II, in 1947, the citizens of St. Gallen were willing to modernise the whole city. They wanted to become more cosmopolitan. Because of this, the old and basic hotel «Bahnhof» was torn down. After the rebuilding by the architect Otto Glaus it was called «Hotel Metropol». The people of the city were proud of their first modern building in the style of Cubism. This has been the case even since the complete redesign of the entire station square in 2019. The straight lines of the «Metropol» fit perfectly to the environment of the station area, even in the future.

Hotel Metropol Bahnhofplatz 3 9001 St.Gallen Schweiz