Karin Bloch, Hotel Manager

Karin Thunheer Bloch is not only hotel director and restaurateur, but also a family wife. She and her husband Boris are proud parents of Amelie (born 2012) and Matteo (born 2016). They live together in St. Gallen. Karin Thurnheer Bloch is the representative of the fifth gastronomy generation Bloch - a name that has stand for excellent hospitality for more than 100 years.


Rico and Brigitte Bloch-Aeby, Senior Leaders

As a power couple the parents Brigitte and Rico led together large gastronomic businesses like the sports center «Glarner Unterland» in Näfels (GL), later then the «Säntis-Restaurants» on the Schwägalp (AR) and the well known «Sternen» in Teufen (AR). 1999 Brigitte took over the Metropol hotel in St.Gallen, short time after Rico followed. The both know all sides of the gastronomy by experience and they are still engaged business people with love for the matter. Brigitte and Rico remain with great ideas one essential support in the familiar hotel Metropol.

Brigitte and Rico don't take retirement literally. They just opened a new restaurant called «Hirschen» in Teufen - with all their skills and love for details. We are definitely very proud of them!


Lino Azevedo

Lino Azevedo is his whole working life loyal to the Bloch family. He joined the Metropol Hotel in 2002. «My profession is every day a lucky challenge», he says. For this reason he's always trying to pamper his guests with new smashing dishes. In the kitchen he can express his ceativity. In his free time he enjoys swimming, riding the bicycle and relaxing body and mind in a Spa.


Aderito dos Santos, Service Team Leader

Aderito dos Santos is the proudest of the team, originally from Portugal! Passion for the profession he found in the capital Lisbon where he worked after his apprenticeship in the restaurant «Alazáo» and in the 5 star hotel «Amazonia». In the late 1990s he met Brigitte and Rico Bloch-Aeby and first started to work for them in the restaurant Sternen in Teufen (AR). Aderito is the man of the first hour: He is working in the first floor restaurant since 2002, the opening year. Aderito is married with Paula and they have a sweet girl named Beatrice. In his spare time he takes care of his various international friendships, he is sociable, communicative and enjoys going to gym and power training.


Vanja Kutlesa, Assistant Manager / Head of Administration

Vanja Kutlesa is working since 1999 in the Metropol hotel. As a Management Assistant she is responsible for almost everything in house. After finishing school and commercial secondary school she started working in Hotel Metropol, later in the Hotel Herisau and after that in Hotel Continental. Vanja is a very athletic person and she loves reading books ... What a contrast! The humorous and competent Swiss is married with Sinisa and has a pronounced flair for technical issues. Her life motto is: «Don't worry, be happy!»


Elio Caluori, Chef and Team Leader Kitchen-Crew

Elio Caluori is our new chef and he heads the cooking brigade since 1 September 2017. We are particularly proud of this! Firstly, Elio Caluori is absolutely no stranger in eastern Switzerland («Werk 1» in Gossau SG, «Bären» in Gonten AI), secondly, he is a Metropol returnee, and thirdly, he is quite simply a fabulous cook. Discover his kitchen - and very soon his photo here on this page.


Angelina Vasiljevic, Team Leader bistro

Angelina Vasiljevic is working for more than twenty years in the Metropol. «This job is not just a profession for me, it is a vocation!», the dedicated team leader of the bistro says by emphasizing the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. And if you get to know her you find out without delay: It is true. Angelina is born and raised in Bosnia. She's is a proud mother of a daughter and in her free time she devours books in vast quantities.


Rajka Zimonjic, Team Leader Housekeeping

Rajka Zimonjic, who was born in Bosnia, is responsible for keeping the whole house running. This is definitely not an easy job for her and her team because there are 7 floors to be cleaned every day! But this is not a big deal for Rajka because she's a passionate housekeeper. With her sight on tidiness she makes the guests feel cosy. On her days off, she likes to go hiking in the mountains – lucky her that the «Alpstein» is so close.