Five generations in upper class gastronomy:

For more than 100 years the Bloch family is at their guest's service!

Karin Bloch continues a long family tradition. She is the first of the 5th generation of the Bloch family and works as an independent entrepreneur in the gastronomy business. Let’s take a look back.

About Seppli and Roesli – Generation one and two

The story began with Josef Büchel. He was a post master. After the turn of the century he bought the «Gasthaus zur Krone» in Ruethi, located in St.Gallen's Rhine Valley. Seppli worked as a postman and served his guest as an innkeeper. His daughter Roesli was born 1892. First of all, she was not really interested to carry on with the family business. She left the Rhine Valley in 1917 got married with her teen love, Alfred Bloch, an engineer of culture from the Canton Uri. Is this the end of the family tradition? No. There was a blow of fate. At the end of August 1927, Roeslis husband Alfred died. He was only 49 years old. She and her children abruptly had to manage their lives by themselves. Roesly remembered the good times in the restaurant and her passion to serve guests. She and her little boys Otto and Ernstli returned to the Rhine Valley. With little money in the bag, Roesly bought the restaurant her father owned older days and tried successfully to get into business.

Otto and Mary Bloch-Baumgartner – the third generation

Especially one boy, Otto, was totally attracted by the restaurant business. As a young boy it was already clear for him to become a chef in the future. Soon after he finished the apprentice as a sook he fell in love with Mary Elizabeth Baumgartner, also a real native from the Rhine valley. Together they led many different kind of restaurants. Their stations: Restaurants «Bodan» and «Gübsensee» in St.Gallen, the «Derby» in Bad Ragaz, the «Schrina Hochrugg» in Walenstadtberg and finally the «Ochsen» in Walenstadt (SG). The two of them served guests from all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Otto's specialties were fish dishes of all kinds. His «grosse Walenseerundfahrt» (large boat tour), a plate with a variety of differently prepared fish, was famous and beloved by many people as well as his legendary «Serbian bean soup». The recipe for our famous «Fischknusperli» (fried pieces of fish) came also originally out of Otto's kitchen. It was Otto and Mary Bloch-Baumgartner who took a step out of the simple into the the sophisticated gastronomy. Mary Bloch, born in 1926, now lives near us in Teufen (AR).

Generation four: Rico and Brigitte Bloch

Mary had six children, two boys and four girls. The two boys, Rico and Fredi, grew up in gastronomy and they early began to love this profession. Rico Bloch started his career by an apprentice as a cook in the old castle «Schloss Oberberg» in Gossau (SG), his brother Fredi was taught in Restaurant «Sternen» in Teufen (AR). While making experiences and travelling trough Switzerland Rico met Miss Brigitte Aeby. They both worked in St-Blaise (NE), he in the well-known Restaurant «Au Boccalino» and she worked right next door in a charming place called «Tea Room Walker». By flirting through the kitchen windows they fell in love. As a power team they led several restaurants and hotels such as «Sportzentrum Glarner Unterland» in Naefels (GL), the «Saentis» restaurants on Schwaegalp (AR) and finally the top class restaurant «Sternen» in Teufen (AR). In December 1999, Brigitte began to set up the «Metropol» in St.Gallen. Soon after, Rico was following his wife. The two of them were and still are gastronomes with hearts and souls: Brigitte was the first woman in the whole region of Appenzell who got the federal diploma «Maître d'Hôtel» and she taught with pleasure cooks and service employees. Brigitte and Rico – they reinvented themselves and their philosophy every ten years. In end of August 2017, they opened the beautifully renovated «Hirschen» in Teufen (AR).

Fredi Bloch, Rico's brother, ran the «Seeli» in Baech (SZ) for decades. Today, he realised a dream wirth the «Obstgarten» in Freienbach (SZ).

Karin Bloch – the first to represent the fifth generation

January 1st 2010 will forever be underlined in the chronicle of the Bloch family. Since then the long tradition is and will be continued by the keen restaurateur Karin Bloch. After the business school in Neuchâtel (NE) and the hotel management school of Zurich she passed the post-graduate study in hotel management. Amongst others, in her professional career she worked in the Romantic-Hotel Saentis in Appenzell and as a seminar leader and head of human resources in the Hotel Hof Weissbad – one of the leading hotels of Switzerland.